Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Learning from Teaching

Teaching people to knit is so rewarding!! I really love getting to watch it come together for people. I am currently teaching two ladies...

I learn something new everytime! One of my favorite things one of them said was, "I feel like I would be really good at this if I had another arm." HAHA

Always an adventure...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sheep, Booties, Scarves and Bracelets :)

I just have way too much crafting to do to keep up with a blog!! But, since I am trying to make this (eventually) my full time gig, I need practice juggling the business side and the crafting--so here I am.

I have recently taken a job where I have time to craft during the work day and just feel like the luckiest lady alive, because of it!! I plan on making several knit sheep for Christmas time and want to get started on that soon! Please keep me accountable!! I have been teaching many friends to knit which has been quite rewarding, and I just finished Harry Potter scarves for my friend and I to wear to the premier :)

Baby booties are my newest obsession!! I have been making a bootie a day about and just gave away the first completed pair yesterday :) I can't wait to sell them and to give them as baby shower gifts! They are just so cute, and I love making them!!

Well, that is a catch up on the crafting front. Right now I am doing a giveaway on my facebook site--so for those of you who are well connected--go like my status on [from]Potstopillows facebook page for a chance to win a free handmade bracelet :) 100% cotton and quite summer-y!

Thanks for following and go get your craft on!